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How it works

What do you need?

For perfect results in the kitchen using the sous vide method, all you need is the Lauben Sous Vide Stick Lauben Sous Vide Stick, a pot of water to place the stick in and the special zip lock food bags that come included.

What do you need Lauben Sous Vide Stick SV01


One of the biggest benefits of sous vide cooking is that the food preparation prior to cooking takes almost no time at all. In most cases, salt and pepper is enough to achieve the perfect flavour and texture. There's no need to marinate or add fat, as slow cooking in a vacuum will retain all the juices.


Simply switch on the cooker, set to the desired temperature and immerse in a pot along with the food vacuumed in the bags. When it is done, the cooker will let you know, leaving you to enjoy the amazing results.

Cooking time and temperature

The secret to a perfect result with the sous vide method lies in setting the right temperature and cooking time. These two factors are the cornerstones of sous vide cooking and the final texture and flavour of your dishes depend on them. Choosing the right cooking temperature will achieve your preferred level of cooking with amazing accuracy. Setting the correct cooking time is equally important using the sous vide method. Food must be cooked long enough to reach the desired temperature. Now you know what is most important for sous vide cooking, but do you know how many degrees and how long to prepare your steak? The correct temperature and cooking time should be given for each sous vide food recipe. So, there’s no need for a time-consuming search online or in cookbooks Our temperature and cooking time tables can also help you find your way around.

Lauben Sous Vide Stick SV01

For easy cooking use the sous vide stick
Lauben Sous Vide Stick SV01

And to finish off

Although the food you prepare using the sous vide method is ready to be served immediately after removing it from the bath, you can still enhance your dishes by frying or browning. This will bring out an even better taste and texture. After removing BBQ ribs or lamb chops from the sous vide bath, let them rest for a bit and then stick them on the grill to make them nice and crispy. What about fries? There is nothing better than preparing homemade French fries from real potatoes, first in the sous vide bath and then a few more minutes in a deep fryer with some high-quality oil.

And to finish off

Washing and cleaning

Unlike large appliances and food processors, the Lauben Sous Vide Stick doesn’t require any lengthy cleaning. As the food is in a zip lock bag, it is enough just to quickly rinse out the pot in which you prepared it. The cooker itself can then be washed just as easily as a hand blender.