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Kitchen Appliances

Achieve perfect cooking results. Lauben professional kitchen appliances will help you.


About sous vide - everything you need to know

  • Cook as Michelin chef
  • Preparation up to 20 minut
  • Always fresh food full of vitamins and taste

Get the most out of your food

  • Vacuum sealing - more than 5× longer food life
  • Sous vide - always 100 % cooking result
  • VacuFit® Blender - maximum vitamins and perfect consistency

Video - Discover Lauben kitchen appliances

Discover Lauben kitchen appliances

Great tasting, healthy food is based on high-quality ingredients, the chef's skill and great appliances to help prepare the best for you and your family. Our appliances in your kitchen will bring ease, comfort and confidence that your work will deliver the best possible results. Just as you enjoy cooking, we enjoy bringing you carefully designed and manufactured appliances that have been fully-tested in Europe and are exactly what they should be: reliable, modern with intuitive controls and ensuring you can cook exactly what you want.

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