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Experience a revolution in blending

Blending is a great way to process all ingredients without waste and prepare a healthy breakfast or lunch in the form of fruit juice or vegetable soup. However, the problem of traditional mixing is oxidation and its negative effects. The oxidation process can result in changes in taste, colour, consistency and the overall quality of the blended food. The best possible solution to this is to blend in a vacuum, i.e. without air, which always ensures perfect results. Extracting the air before blending helps preserve all the nutrients and vitamins. Smoothies, soups or snacks will retain their original fresh colour and aroma, have a beautiful creamy consistency and will last much longer in the fridge. If you love the healthy lifestyle, you must try vacuum blending. With a vacuum blender you can easily prepare vegetable juice in the evening for a healthy breakfast in the morning.

Experience a revolution in blending

Blending using the vacuum method is not only for professionals or gourmets. With the right tool you can prepare healthy meals in your own home. Check out the vacuum blender VacuFit Blender from Lauben, which also includes two practical keep cups to carry and store drinks and meals. Plus, it is made of durable and sustainable tritan, which does not contain any harmful compounds, unlike conventional plastics, and can be easily washed in a dishwasher.

How does vacuum blending work? Simply and quickly. Using a vacuum pump, the blender sucks out all the air from the container before blending. As air is prevented from getting to the food, there is no oxidation and so no change in taste or texture. This means it can also handle foods that usually spoil faster or are prone to discolouration. If you want to prepare an avocado smoothie in a vacuum blender, you don't have to worry about it going brown, it stays beautifully green and fresh.

Blending using the vacuum method is not only for professionals or gourmets

One of the many advantages of blending in a vacuum is the ability to prepare food well in advance. The vacuum ensures the food degrades much slower and can be kept fresh for several days in the fridge. Plus, it will prevent the smoothie from separating, as it does using a traditional blender. Food blended in a vacuum will retain a beautiful, creamy consistency.

If you have small children, you’ll certainly appreciate being able to prepare children's snacks or baby foods. Removing the air from boiled vegetables or meat will reduce your little one’s unpleasant bloating, giving you peace of mind and more restful days. Children's snacks can also be prepared in advance and vacuum-packed to stay fresh in the fridge for several days.

Video - Lauben VacuFit® vs. clasical blending
Lauben VacuFit® Blender VB01

Experience a revolution in blending with a vacuum blender
Lauben VacuFit® Blender VB01