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Lauben VacuFit® Keep Cup 400 ml

Lauben VacuFit® Keep Cup 400 ml

Lauben VacuFit® Keep Cup 400 ml

The portable vacuum cup is the perfect addition to the Lauben VacuFit® Blender. The bottle is made of lightweight tritan material, making it easy to carry around all day in a handbag or backpack. The vacuum pump fits exactly on the valve in the cap, allowing you to keep the bottle contents fresh several times longer. You will also avoid unpleasant oxidation and the taste and colour will remain unchanged for several days.


  • Contents 400 ml
  • With integrated vacuum valve
  • Made of tritan
  • Absolutely harmless
  • Dishwasher safe

59.99 €

Lightweight, durable

The keep cup is made of tritan. Tritan is a special food-certified material that does not contain BPA, unlike conventional plastics, and is therefore absolutely harmless to your health. It is shock and heat resistant and can be easily washed in the dishwasher. Tritan is also lightweight so you can carry your keep cup in your handbag or backpack all day long.

Practical package

Healthy start to the day

Do you struggle to find time for breakfast in the morning and end up stopping at a fast food stand on your way to work? The solution is simple. With the Lauben VacuFit® Keep Cup, you can have a breakfast packed full of fresh fruits and vegetables in just a few minutes. Mix the smoothie in the evening, pour into the keep cup, store in the fridge and in the morning, you’ll have the same fresh and healthy start to the day.

Healthy start to the day
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