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Lauben Sous Vide Balls 100

Lauben Sous Vide Balls 100

Lauben Sous Vide Balls 100

Lauben Sous Vide Balls are a useful aid when cooking using the sous vide method. When using them, you won’t have to add more water to the water bath even over several hours of cooking. If you leave the sous vide cooker overnight, you won’t have to worry about the alarm going off at night because of water evaporation. The balls replace the function of a lid, simply pour them on the water surface in the pot. In addition to preventing water evaporation, they also help to maintain temperature better and prevent heat loss.


  • Maximum energy saving
  • Reducing water loss
  • Storage net for easy washing and drying
  • 100% health safety thanks to BPA-free materials vaření

15.99 €

Practical packaging

The balls come packed in a practical hanging net. The balls dry quickly in the net and it can be cleaned. The Lauben Sous Vide Balls are 100% BPA free and are therefore completely harmless.

For best results, the entire surface of the water should be covered (with partial coverage, the efficiency of the bath increases). A pack of 100 pcs is optimal for a pot with a diameter of about 17 cm. For the most common pot sizes around 20 - 30 cm we recommend 2 - 3 packs.

Practical packaging
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